100th Das Cupcake Fan Comes to Frankfurt

So the title of the blog post says it all. A few weekends ago, I had my 100th Das Cupcake Facebook fan join me in Frankfurt for some baking and it was awesome! She was my 100th fan and I wanted to make her feel special because all my Facebook fans are special and it just so happens that she is a cupcake fanatic just like you and me!

I was going to send her something sweet and delicious by post, but she was cool enough to make the trip to Frankfurt so we spent the weekend together talking all things cupcake, decorating all things cupcake and more deliciously, eating all things cupcake.

She not only made it all the way to Frankfurt but she also came bearing presents! Cupcake-related presents! She brought me a variety of beautiful cupcake cases which I loved. Especially these tulip-y ones that I have wanted to try out for ages! And a cupcake cookie cutter. Eeek! I’m in love!!

Of course, I had a full cupcake itinerary planned. I wasn’t gonna make her come all the way down for nothin’! So we did the Frankfurt cupcake tour  -Jenny’s Cupcakes, We Love Cupcakes and McDonald’s and did the hard work of cupcake taste testing.

Jenny’s Cupcakes in Frankfurt.
We Love Cupcakes’ shop in Frankfurt.
From left to right: Jenny’s Cupcakes, (flavours from top to bottom) Coconut, Hazelnut Chocolate, Vanilla Chocolate; We Love Cupcakes, (flavours from top to bottom) Vanilla, Chocolate, Carrot Cake; McDonald’s (flavours from top to bottom) Strawberry, Chocolate
You’d think that would be enough cupcakes for one weekend, but we went onto baking 2 dozen of our own cupcakes the Das Cupcake way! We baked and then decorated our sweet goodies.
Fantastic job using fondant discs! Look at the beautiful application and it was her first time using fondant.
We really had a fabulous time since I love any excuse for baking and decorating and it was one of the first times I was able to share some of the many, many things I have learned on my cupcake journey with someone who loves all things cupcake like I do. I think that by the 200th Das Cupcake Facebook fan, I will have learned heaps more and I can’t wait to share it with that lucky number 200!
Using 1M piping tip to make red frosting roses.
Wrapped up and ready to get eaten!

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  1. Raquel

    What a lucky fan!!!
    Everything looks delicious but the one you baked are definitely the prettiest!
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I really admire your guts to go for it!

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