Juni 2010

Green tea Frankenstein cupcakes

Cupcake box = empty. Ewa = elated. Seriously, talk about support. The people at my German course are so supportive to the point that I really want to open my business no matter

Java Cupcake Recipe and some other stuff

There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling I get when I bring home my empty tray after a night of cupcake testing. I swing the empty container gleefully as I get into the

Desperately Seeking…Vanilla Recipe Perfection

So last week was vanilla recipe testing. Like all good cupcake makers, I am in need of a “go-to” vanilla recipe alongside my “go-to” chocolate recipe. Furthermore, alongside my

Das Cupcake Reviews McDonald’s Cupcakes

So if you haven’t heard already, McDonald’s in Germany is selling cup-cakes at their McCafes. As a future cup-cake business owner and a serious cupcake critic, I decided to go

Post Taste Testing

So yesterday was tasting testing day. I got to my German classes where there were lots of students and classmates milling around, took the lid off my box of 31 cupcakes and waited

The Beginning

So the dream begins to take life. Yesterday I baked my heart out for my first cupcake testing day today. Leading up to my 2am baking session, the work day was a whirlwind and I