Edible Butterflies ─Mmmm, tasty.

My friend asked me to bake these only one night in advance, so I did my best. My friend requested some cupcakes for his wife, whose birthday it was, to bring them in for her colleagues at work. Sound familiar??:) He wanted blue and he wanted flowers, so off I went. I made super simple flowers and decided that blue flowers called for blue butterflies and I had a special trick up my sleeve.  Blue edible paper. In Germany, you can’t get most baking accessory things and it’s frustrating so you just gotta get creative and source out cool local stuff.
I found this cute edible paper in my local grocery store and I have these cute punches from the local craft store. Put two and two together and you get a big win. Ever since, I saw cute little accents on ShamsD cupcakes, I knew I had to have them. So I have been staunchly committed to rolling out my fondant super-duper thin to get my little baby dragon flies and baby butterflies. But ever since my Trusty Apprentice brought back some white edible paper and now since my discovery of COLOURED edible paper, I am in love with my punches. So cheers, to punches big and small and to no more torn fondant stuck everywhere!

You can gently crack the edible paper to create the “flying butterfly” effect. Cooooool.

I also am in love with my chocolate swirls. Talk about perfect frosting consistency. That is the key. I will tell you right now. I frost my cupcakes right before delivery which means I refrigerate my frosting until the morning of. Now if you don’t let the frosting come to room temperature again (as when it is first made) then you are in big trouble. Although the frosting comes out through the piping tip, JUST, it is very difficult to handle. It slides all over the flat iced surfaces of my cupcakes. It comes in bursts and then stops mid-swirl. That is the trouble with firm frosting which hasn’t been out of the fridge for long enough. Once it is at room temperature, I always recommend a quick whirl with the hand mixer. Yeah, I know it gets things all dirty and covered in chocolate icing again, but it’s worth it to get it to that whipped consistency all the way through the entire batch of icing.. This ensures that the entire batch of frosting takes on a equal temperature.
I hope the perfect chocolate swirls and blue edible paper were enjoyed by all!

P.S. The words frosting and icing are interchangeable. Two different words, same exact meaning. And I thought Deutsch was hard!

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