4th Place Whoopee!

So as January comes to a close and Dr. Oetker is announcing the winners, I am happy to report that I am amongst them! With all the amazing votes from the amazing people I know all over the world and with the help of a chocolate butterfly, I was propelled into a 4th place win!

It all started with this:

I stood in the check out line at the grocery store and eye-balled the delicious Kürbis (pumpkin) gnocchi. The line-up was long so I had to entertain myself and so I flicked to recipe. As I did, this insert popped out!

And with much requesting, asking nicely and pleading and securing the 4th spot, I have come out with this in my mailbox:

Inside is a contract to say that Dr. Oetker wants my recipe and wants to take pictures of my winning entry and to then have rights to distribute my recipe and cupcake’s picture. Did you hear that folks, Dr. Oetker wants my recipe!!:) And to photograph MY cupcake! Totally cooool.

Some have said, ‘aw, only 4th place’ but in fact it’s as good as winning 2nd since the prizes are the same. As a prize, I get to visit the Dr. Oetker test kitchens with all expenses paid trip to go there for myself and three people of my choice for a fun Kochtag (cooking day). So winners in 2nd through 5th place all receive this honour with their three people too. So I am super excited! Anddd, let’s not forget that Dr. Oetker will distribute my recipe and cupcake picture!!

As soon as I found out the good news here is what I posted on my Facebook:

*running around the room in circles!!* We did it! We did it! We did it everyone!!!!! 4th place!! 4te Platz in the Dr. Oetker competition!!! Yipeeeeeee!!!! No car, but an all expenses paid trip to the Dr. Oetker Versuchsküche (Test kitchen) for a cooking day!! Plus they try out my recipe and take some professional pics of my 4th place butterfly cupcake!!

All that is left to say now is just THANK YOU. You know you have awesome people behind you when they have to buy an iPad application for flash to be able to view the page to vote; when you contact your next door neighbour from when you were 9 years old and they AND their mom vote for you; when the girl you met that one time at a language school in Paris votes; when your Facebook and WordPress followers click their way through a German voting website they don’t understand just to give you their vote; when the friend of the friend you met ONE TIME in Münich devises a simpler one click link to simplify the voting process and makes sure to share it with others; when all the peeps you worked with while at university that you hardly have contact with anymore give you their votes; when long lost childhood friends, ex-boyfriends of friends and friends that live far far away which you don’t see anywhere near enough, make sure to give you their vote and their current boyfriend’s vote of course….and then there are those brand new German relatives right here close to home and close to my heart that stand behind you and give you their support as I they only want to see you succeed and be happy.

I am damn lucky and I know it. And I love it. Thank you ALL.

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