A Sneak Peek at what is Up and Coming for Das Cupcake

I spent last weekend bargain hunting for props which I want to use in my upcoming photoshoot, being put together by me and by none other than my Trusty Apprentice. We are joining forces as the best food styling duo to hit Frankfurt to snap shots of some my wonderful cupcake creations in action as they model some of my hand-made fondant décor.

It’s what food stylists do when checking spaghetti readiness.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the bargains I scored at the Flohmarkt (flea market) by the River Main.

Cute little treasure chest I found at home.
Candle holder and plate to double as cake stand.
Some other props from around our household. Jars and ribbon.
And, of course 2 pounds of gummi bears. Just because in Germany you can get these kinds of crazy amounts of Haribo.

Find out how 2 pounds of gummi bears will be used as a prop by checking out the upcoming photoshoot pics in the coming weeks!

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