Learning from top cake artists in North American and the UK, Ewa has honed her skills in the world of sugar craft and cake design and brings her own style to every project.

Projects that bake your brand to life have allowed Ewa to work with global luxury brands and national companies.

Running the Ewa Feix Akademie has been a great addition to the business because getting the opportunity to teach others is very rewarding. Ewa gets the chance to bring the cupcake decorating techniques that are used in North America and pass them on to wonderfully enthusiastic and talented German students. Ewa Feix Akademie classes are on weekends and weekdays with a maximum of 8 people. They are usually in German (with a huge Canadian accent!) but I have done bi-lingual courses, with simultaneous translation. It’s always a fun day!

In addition to her classes at the Ewa Feix Akademie, Ewa has been teaching for 6 years at Frankfurt’s biggest culinary school, the Genussakademie. These classes are more compact, lasting four hours and cover a lot of the foundational baking and decorating techniques. These quick paced classes are designed for 18 people and are perfect for those who want their first taste of baking fluffy cupcakes and those who want to dip their toes into the world of gum paste roses and fondant.

In 2015, Ewa had the opportunity to publish a book. “Zuckersüss” is compilation of of recipes not just limited to the world of decorating cupcakes, but is just as dedicated to design ideas for cake pops, cookies, big celebration cakes and macarons.

Ewa Feix