Awesome Discovery Alert!

For those of you like me, avid bakers who love all things baking and all things vintage chic, check out what I discovered!*

There was nothing worse than seeing all the cupcake trends, oceans away but nothing close to my new home here in Germany, but at last I have found the answer! Lecker Bakery!

What an absolutely well done publication, featuring all the amazing desserts we know and love dearly. Flicking through the lightly textured pages full of beautiful photography, you will quickly find that, yes it is all in German, but hey! what an awesome way to impress your German husband/boyfriend, by saying: “Hey, look at me, I’m practicing my German tonight! (without you having to nag me!..hehe)” while at the same time getting an eyeful of your favourite desserts! From the cleverly organized table of contents using the recipe’s pictures to the wide range of recipes with all the ingredients readily available at your local grocery store, this one is a real page turner!

Plus the magazine provides you with all kinds of website links for places where you can get vintage items for your kitchen. Yes, SHOPPING, ladies! There are many links for European companies from which you can buy from even if you live in Germany! That means no more astronomical shipping costs for that cute apron you want and it also means you can splurge a little more because you are saving on the shipping, right!?

And if I still haven’t convinced you of the cupcake wave hitting Germany (it’s about time!!), then this publication brings yet more proof! Look at this! Tchibo is selling cupcake boxes!

So to sum it up, you’ve got sassy aprons, vintage doilies and kitchen accessories, cupcake boxes, plus cupcake and muffin recipes galore even from the German muffin Queen herself, Cynthia Barcomi, all of which are just the tip of the iceberg inside Lecker Bakery.

What a discovery, I tell ya! I feel like such a Christopher Columbus!

And don’t worry, you haven’t missed much, this is only their first issue! If you want to find out more about this quarterly publication brought to us by the original Lecker food magazine, check out this link.

*Footnote: Mr. Cupcake’s mom should be credited with the initial sighting and diligent reporting back!

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  1. Marianna Pool (Marianna46)

    I’m not in Germany, but in Mexico, and I can SO relate to your happiness about discovering things that let you do your baking and decorating like you want to (and have fun and be chic about it to boot!). I live in Cancún and I’m on a voyage of discovery about how to find things I need and how to substitute for those I can’t. It’s been slow going, but very rewarding – each new thing I find is a thrill! Yesterday i found unsweetened chocolate (imagine not being able to get that in the land where chocolate was born!), after looking for it for about 20 years. I wish you the best and many more happy discoveries like Lecker Bakery, and I really love your blog.

    • dascupcake

      Thank you for your sweet words. I love that you love my blog and I really enjoy receiving your comments.:) Incredibly unbelievable story about the chocolate. It sounds like a search for the holy grail and boy you were still determined after 20 years and alas succeeded!:) That sounds like it calls for a real celebration! What did you make with it?

      • Marianna Pool (Marianna46)

        Nothing yet, but I bought a whole bunch, so something good is coming up. I’ll probably start with a 30-ways-to-kill-yourself-with chocolate confection of some kind, since I have a new bucket of chocolate fondantny sitting in my kitchen right now, too. In all honesty, it’s just Baker’s Unsweetened that a supermarket chain here decided to import, but I don’t know how long they’ll keep doing it. Any tips on how to store chocolate long term?

  2. Sandy Schwab

    It’s a gorgeous magazine, isn’t it? Actually, quite a number of food magazines released in March did features on cupcakes (e.g. “Sweet Dreams”). There’s even a cupcake magazine, called “Cupcake Heaven” – have you seen that one?

    • dascupcake

      He he he…So funny..actually about a grand total of a week later, BOTH Cupcake Heaven and Sweet Dreams popped onto my radar too! So yes, absolutely, I have seen and bought both.:) Thank you for the update though.

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