Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes Put to the Test: Part II

Ok, you can stop your nail-biting and your sleepless nights are over. Part II of the Vegan Cupcake post is here! A promise is a promise and I do deliver even if it’s only been a month or two of delay. Tee hee. Bad blogger, bad!

So I have tallied the results of the 12 cupcake questionnaires that were returned about the 24 cupcakes I donated in the name of research. Clearly some questionnaires got lost during the testing (accidentally eaten?) but oh well, at least 12 made it back home. 10 questionnaires came back related to the chocolate cupcakes and 2 for the vanilla recipe.

The chocolate vegan results were certainly more critical as it was the first time I tried a recipe without eggs and with coconut milk instead of cow’s milk.

So here are the results broken down all mathematic style. Whew! Luckily just working with a multiple of 10 here, folks.

Here is how the chocolate frosting rated:

50% said that it was perfect, they wouldn’t change a thing
30% said it was almost perfect
20% said it was good

Here is how the cupcake cake scored:
30% said it was perfect and they wouldn’t change a thing
60% said it was almost perfect
10% said it was good

So overall the recipe was extremely well received. Other than ‘perfect’, ‘almost perfect’ and ‘good’, the remaining categories were ‘recipe needs improvement’ and ‘terrible, why am I eating this’ and none of my testers went there. 80% said that the frosting was perfect or very close to perfect and 90% said that the recipe was perfect or very close to perfect. I recently found out from a fellow baker that chocolate is a hard recipe to screw up though, but hey, I will take the rave reviews nonetheless and can be comfortable in saying that people should not be scared to try vegan cupcakes. They clearly check all the boxes. Pun intended. Here is the recipe.

Now onto the vanilla recipe. I only received a grand total of two questionnaires zuruck (back) so the feedback was short and not so sweet. Ugh. Both of the questionnaires reported that my vanilla recipe pretty much sucks. They said that they were dry and that I needed to work on the recipe. Back to the drawing board.  Vanilla seems so simple yet it’s not. It’s so basic in its flavour, that you just have to get it right. No hiding behind desiccated coconut or fresh fruit. So if you have a bad-ass vanilla recipe, send it my way! I would love one with a really tender crumb. I still need to continue experimenting with using corn flour to lighten the texture. Or do I over-bake? Lord knows! I always find that my vanilla cupcakes taste awesome straight out of the oven but they dry out quick as hell.

To finish on a happier note, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you bought her a card yet? You at least have to get her a card! Oh wait, no men read this blog. Have you got him a card yet? You should at least get him a card, girlfriend.

I love you too!

Here are a couple of designs I put together for your sweetheart with a sweet tooth.

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  1. Holly

    kuku! Just found your blog via June’s facebook page, and I thought Das Cupcake?…could it be Ewa? And it is!

    These cupcakes look beautiful, like miniature, delicious art. And your blog is great too. The pictures are amazing. Do you take them yourself?

    Wishing you best of luck with this venture and looking forward to more posts.


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