Christmas Cupcakes and Snowflake Tutorial

Are you starting to feel Christmasy yet?? What better way to celebrate than with cupcakes!

Santa face absolutely inspired (copied!) from Bakerella. Love her talent! The reindeers my idea.:)

I recently received an early Christmas gift, one which I bought for myself..well, it wasn’t really a gift, ok you caught me, I’ll make up any excuse to buy to any kind of cupcake paraphernalia. In fact I have a wide array of excuses for buying cupcake paraphernalia.

‘It’s my hobby.’
It’s my business.’
‘It’s an early Christmas present.’
‘I NEED red glitter on my cupcakes.’

You get the picture. But in the Christmas spirit of giving as well as in the spirit of dual-purpose excuses, I would like to share with you all how my new cupcake toy works with a little tutorial. Like I mentioned the other week, silicone is back! And it’s awesome. Multi-purpose, re-usable, and easy to use. What more could you want? Let me show you what you can do with this bad boy.

Snowflake silicone mould and fondant.

What you will need:
Silicone mould

Using the mould for fondant

Step 1 (click on picture to enlarge):

Break off little balls of fondant and slowly fill up the cavities. The key here is to shape each ball like the cavity you are filling. What you don’t want to do, is to put too much in at a time otherwise you get a little border on the exterior of the shape out of the excess fondant.

Step 2:

Once you have filled the cavity, pop the snowflake out of the mould. Be careful not to flex the mould too much as you pop out the fondant shape as it might get misshapen…i.e. a little wide the sides.

Helpful Hint:

If you want to use other colours of fondant, use slightly less than you think you need for the area because when you press the other fondant overtop it spreads and if you put in more than you need of the contrasting colour, then it will spread into the area you don’t want it to be in. This great tip I got from my friend at Sweet Sentiments. This is especially applicable when doing centres for flowers.

A good example of where you would use two different colours of fondant for effect.

Back to the snowflake silicone mould…

Using the mould for chocolate

What you will need:
Melted chocolate
Silicone mould

Step 1:

Melt chocolate and pour it into the cavity. I use a small piping tip to guide the chocolate in the small crevices but a snipped tip on a bag should do the trick too.

Step 2:

Swipe the top of the moulds with the side of a palette knife or a regular knife to get a smooth surface. Now they are ready to go into the frezer for 10-15 minutes. These moulds are also great because they can handle a lot of different conditions. They are designed to withstand temperatures from freezing all the way up to 450 degrees.

Step 3:

Pop them snowflakes out and they are ready to use!

One problem I  found with these though, is that the snowflakes melted fast. Yes, ha ha, snowflakes are supposed to melt. But since these guys were out of chocolate, I thought they would last. But just as soon as I snapped no more than few pictures and wanted to take them off the plate, this is what happened…

I am pretty sure the reason for this is because they are so tiny. I think that if I had a bigger mould, with more chocolate surface, they would not be as super delicate. Perhaps the melting could also be due to the high humidity in my house. Let me know how they turn out if you attempt them!

So stick with the non-melting fondant snowflakes, bitte (please)!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Now go out and get yourself some silicone or ask Santa for some!

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