Crafting Couture Cupcakes with a True Cake Artist: My lesson with Lori Hutchinson

OMG. I have just finished my private lesson with Lori and I know that this is why I want to make cupcakes. Lori Hutchinson a.k.a The Caketress makes one of a kind cakes in Canada and by one of a kind cakes, I mean spectacular masterpieces in every sense of the word. Even though she is a total cake rockstar, she is completely down-to-earth and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire lesson. We really had a blast.

Lori was just the cake designer to bring out my love for design. I headed to Toronto’s Bonnie Gordon School of Confectionary Arts for my lesson. This fabulous school offers a wide variety of programmes from 6 week designer cake certification courses to business essentials courses. Lucky for me, they also coordinate with cake designers and offer private lessons. Lily, who is the general manager at the school was extremely professional, quick to respond and gave me all the information I needed as I had to organize my class from Germany. I would highly recommend a course at Bonnie Gordon’s school if you are ever in the Toronto area.

At first Lori and I started with a classic haute couture cake decorating class. Lori showed me how to create her classic ruffling and texturing and spoke about how we would apply these techniques to our model cakes. When she noticed that I had brought cupcakes and buttercream as models, she totally revised her lesson for the day and embraced my cupcakes. She got out all kinds of tools, even her hot glue gun and starting designing ribbon dresses on my cupcake cases. How totally genius. I was psyched to be in the same room as her. Check out this total awesomeness. Now that is a couture cupcake!

All these case designs are pure handcrafted by Lori and they look magnificent. I say: cupcake wrappers are out and fancy ribbon is in!

While she took to the cases, I worked on the fondant designs, cutting out black butterflies, kneading colours into fondant and choosing colour schemes.

This beauty I handcrafted on my own.

Even though Lori and I collaborated, she was really the creative genius behind the final designs but the fantastic thing is that as each cupcake came to life (mostly from Lori’s momentum) I knew that every single design was also “me.” And let me tell you, working with a creative genius rubs off and I cannot wait to incorporate some of the stenciling and stamping which I love with some of the stuff I learned from Lori.

So with a stock of 24k gold in tow, I return to Germany completely inspired by and elated with these cupcake designs.

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