Cupcake Courses for 2016 in Frankfurt

Cupcake Courses for 2016 in Frankfurt

One of the things that I love equally as much as baking is meeting fellow bakers in Frankfurt and teaching them all I know about baking the most perfect cupcakes. For about 2 years now, I have had at least 3 weekends a month booked with students from all over Germany coming to Frankfurt for my classes.

The most popular one is the one where I give away my vanilla raspberry cupcakes recipe and teach my students how to make swiss meringue buttercream. In this class there is also an introduction to working with fondant and gum paste and I teach how to make little daisy flowers and lady bugs.

cupcake class frankfurt germany
In addition to learning how to work with fondant and gum paste, the students also get to try out professional piping tips that give you that beautiful bakery swirl! We practice piping techniques and learn how to colour buttercream.

A close second, is the decoration course where you learn how to put the perfect fondant dome on a cupcake and how to make a beautiful rose bud.

Student’s work after my step by step demo on how to make a rose bud in one of my classes.

I run all my courses from my baking studio and additionally I have a longstanding partnership with the Genussakademie which is a culinary school here in Frankfurt. My courses are bestsellers on their website, and every course is fully booked.

genussakademie frankfurt cupcake class
Here is a picture at the Genussakademie in Frankfurt. This is the Fressgasse location, located right next to the Apple store in Frankfurt. Here is a work station set up for my cupcake baking class.
genussakademie cupcakes in frankfurt
For each station, there are 4-5 participants that work together to bring the cupcakes to life. As the first step I go through the written recipe step by step with the entire class and then they make the cupcakes themselves at each station while I come by and help and ensure they are on the right track. The best way to learn is by doing it themselves.

This year I have introduced a new course, called Pralines. This means I teach you how to make your own box of truffles. Using traditional praline making techniques and new ones, I show you techniques and tricks to give you the confidence to work with chocolate. You learn how to temper chocolate, how to make ganache -3 ways, how to use cocoa butter to paint patterns, how to use chocolate foil transfers, and how to make two different types of fillings. I am really looking forward to this one!

I also run cake pop courses where you learn my chocolate cake recipe and a sharp edges courses which means working with a big cake, learning how to fill it and working with ganache as a medium to get those sharp fondant edges!

genussakademie fressgasse cupcake class
Here is the set up for newest course which I exclusively offer at the Genussakademie -the mini cake course. In this course you learn how to make a mini cake and the techniques you would use on a big cake. There is tons of ground to cover in this course in just four short hours but that is why I have developed the sharp edges course which I offer at the Ewa Feix Akademie as a follow up to to the mini cake course. The sharp edges course is 7 hours long and does include lunch!

All the courses are in German. After 6 years of living in Frankfurt now, with a thick English accent I do my best and communicate with all my participants in German.

For more information about my courses at the Ewa Feix Akademie and to sign up, click here:



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