Cupcake Tower for AUSA

So I am making a comeback to my blog after a somewhat long hiatus. As I wipe the dust off the old wordpress, I remember how awesome it is to blog and that my blog post don’t have to be cool or funny. They are just here to document my little dream that has now grown into its own little beast and will hopefully continue to grow into a bigger beast, all the while challenging me to learn and go after what I came here looking for.
It is interesting though, this beast concept as Das Cupcake has more and more become its own entity. You know, it’s not, “Hey how are you doing today Ewa?” It’s more like “Hey how’s the cupcake business going?” Which is really awesome cause that means people care and see it as something, its own cool thing that has its own life too, intermingled with mine of course.
So after all the Konditor exams and all those hurdles that I’ve jumped over, I am back in hunt mode for the next piece of the puzzle -finding a kitchen. Still on that piece as I was in my previous post and am clearly realizing that these milestone type thingies take time and aren’t just one hurdle but many. So I’m off again, trying to find a good kitchen. Like everything so far, there is no one person giving me the standards for the kitchen, but many departments such as the health and safety department and also the general building standards. It’s all a bit of a huge of amount of German information to process, as per usual.
Luckily, there is always fun to be found in marketing. And by marketing I mean giving away cupcakes and making people smile and come back for more. And as event season gets back in full swing, there was a Security Symposium run by the people at AUSA. So to make the people happy, I brought these little badboys.
They are chocolate and vanilla. The chocolate ones have the company logo and the vanilla ones have  red and blue berries in the spirit of the USA.
I received wonderful feedback and the best reviews were in seeing people come back for another.
I provide these tower displays free of charge to display cupcakes at your event.

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