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Ok, so as if baking cupcakes wasn’t cool enough, now cupcakes are leading me to new friendships. One awesome offshoot (great word, people should use it more often) of writing a blog is that people read it. And not just your mom or your brother but also cool people; cool people that could be cool friends.

This month I met Alma who is living in Frankfurt and loves to bake. She introduced me to all her favourite baking accesory shops in Frankfurt and places where you can buy lots of amazing inexpensive cake stands. Tiered cake stands, people! In Frankfurt, under 20€! An amazing find that would not have been possible without the lovely Alma. We also headed to Hugeldugel (HILARIOUS name for a bookshop) and took pictures of recipes in cupcakes books…He he he, so illegal but we will buy the books later! Promise! Alma makes awesome cupcakes so much so they have even been featured on Cupcakes Take the Cake. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself.

Now, I didn’t think I could meet any more cool baking English speaking girlies in Frankfurt, but I was wrong! Tonight I just got home from a date with Cati who loves all things baking AND cooking. We had a blast talking about about the Kleinmarkthalle and all the wonderful ingredients that you can find all around Frankfurt. We drank white Sangria in a small Spanish bar in Frankfurt and completely lost track of time as we divulged secret family recipes to one another. With Cati’s help, I think I am actually brave enough to tackle cream cheese frosting again. You can get a taste for her baked goodies on her Facebook page.

I love meeting fellow bakers and Frankfurters and I can’t wait until we all can get together and bake, try new recipes, learn new tricks and basically eat awesome cupcakes and cookies all day long. Ah…I do live a hard life here in Frankfurt.

Now for some cupcake porn. I donated these for an event that my very good friend had organized. They were very well received and some people even ate two! Woo hoo! That means my less sweet buttercream is working.:) I also got the chance to practice my sugar crafting. I made Calla Lilies, one large pink flower with some left over petals I had and I used some wafer butterflies that I just received from the UK.

Hand-made fondant Calla Lilies on chocolate cupcakes.
Wafer butterflies although affectionately referred to as ‘body of Christ’ butterflies.

And if you are a fellow baker or bakeress in Frankfurt and want to join our little growing network, don’t hestitate for one second to get in touch! You will be welcomed with open arms..and cupcakes!

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    • Alma


      I love your entry andI love cupcake porn!
      I adore your latest cupcakes and, once more, I have to say that you’re the best cupcake-baker in Frankfurt!!!! (and for sure in Germany too!!!).

      I had so much fun too, we MUST meet again for a new recipe-stealing session!!!

      I’ll be landing in London more or less this time next week… with an empty suitcase ready to be filled with Cupcake-Supplies for you and me!!! oh yes!!!


  1. Sonja Crockford

    Hey Ewa! Could you tell me where in Frankfurt I could buy these amazingly cheap cakestands? Got my first wedding cake order (teeny tiny, but still a wedding cake) and would like to get a good stand for it.


    PS How’s the business looking?

  2. Anna

    wow I love love love the butterflies!!!!
    Do you also ship all your supplies from outside Germany or did you find someone who offers all the nice thing here?
    still reading through all your posts 😉

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