Cupcakes in the Desert-Review of the The Cupcakery, Las Vegas

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding and of course ensuring that not one cupcake-eating-opportunity gets missed, I visited The Cupcakery.

Unfortunately you do need a car while in Vegas to visit this cupcake shop, although you can sample their cupcakes on The Strip at the Monte Carlo, albeit slightly more expensively priced as with everything on the strip. Don’t worry though, they are WORTH it.

Mr. Cupcakes and I drove out into the Nevada desert…

Driving through the desert for dessert.

…and here is the cute little shop we found.

The Cupcakery, Las Vegas Nevada

All the cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are lighty, not OVERLY cooled so the frosting keeps its beautiful shape and stays fresh.

Two of the favourites Mr. Cupcake and I sampled were the Boston Dream (Boston Cream) and the Red Velvet cupcakes.

The Red Velvet cupcake was really the best. Not overly sweet at all. I anticipated a sugar bomb (as I have German taste buds now) but instead I was pleasantly surprised by a cool (not hard from the fridge) cream cheese frosting that was smooth and creamy. Now that was quite a feat since we had these cupcakes for breakfast!

The interior of the cute little shop.

Not only did our taste buds leave happy, but we left happy as a result of the great customer service we received from Kourtney who sold us our cupcakes. As I am getting excitingly close to making my cupcake business a reality, I love to ask questions to people already in the business. Kourtney, Mr. Cupcake and I spoke about the importance of using quality ingredients as well as the great success and following that The Cupcakery has had in its four or so short years of operation. She took the time to answer all our questions and made us feel very welcome.

It was really exciting to see wonderfully tasty cupcakes flying out the door in Vegas and I can only hope that Das Cupcake can thrive in Germany in the same way.

You can even see Mr. Cupcake in the reflection!

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