Das Cupcake Reviews McDonald’s Cupcakes

So if you haven’t heard already, McDonald’s in Germany is selling cup-cakes at their McCafes. As a future cup-cake business owner and a serious cupcake critic, I decided to go check out what the McDonald’s cup-cake experience was all about. After spending €5.99 on cup-cakes (1.79 each), snapping some iPhone pics, and cycling home with the goods, my German boyfriend and I got down to some taste testing. We tested all four cup-cakes that McDonald’s sells. They are cappuccino, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, although McDonald’s has given them stupid names like East Village, So Ho, Chelsea and Central Park, respectively. Seriously, how uncupcake related can you get? Neighbourhoods in New York? I just don’t get it.

Now onto the more important aspect, flavour. Overall, not great. Essentially, I would not go back to buy them again. The flavour was just too fake and I just felt like I was eating some kind of processed cakes or brownies out of wrapper, you know those, that never expire? The frosting itself was quite hard and stiff to the point where even our 30-minute long bumpy cycling ride didn’t spoil it, so you gotta be asking yourself, what is the stuff made out of? The cake part was quite heavy and has a sticky-moist texture like pound cake.

My favourite cup-cake, if I had to choose was vanilla, as it had the least amount of frosting and the cake was slightly more airy. If my boyfriend had to choose he said he wouldn’t choose any. He said he likes my cupcakes waaay better.:) I’ll take that response.

The worst one by far was the strawberry one which tasted and smelled sickeningly artificial. Mmm, nothing like ethyl methylphenylglycidate (strawberry aldehyde) in my frosting. The smell of fake strawberry hung in the air, at least 1 hour after it was eaten. The cappuccino one tasted a lot like a McDonald’s muffin and had chocolate chips in it. In fact, wait they all tasted like McDonald’s muffins, the chocolate cup-cake too. That’s their secret! Frosting the muffins! There you have it folks. Personally, I think the story went a little bit like this:

Procurement Director for McDonald’s Germany: What the hell are we going to do with all these McDonald’s muffins that aren’t selling? They don’t expire until 2020, damnit!
Marketing Director for McDonald’s Germany: Just put frosting on ’em and we’ll sell ’em as our latest product. Cup-cakes!

True story.

So we’ll see how this McDonald’s cup-cake business takes off. I mean let’s face it, no ones goes to McDonald’s for a cup-cake and coffee, however when I went there the queue was ridiculously massive for the burgers and fries. So McDonald’s how about you just stick to what your good at and take your dirty fingers off things that shouldn’t be super-sized. What will they think of next? Selling macaroons to Parisians? Oh wait. Too late.


P.S. Why does McDonald’s spell cupcakes with a hyphen? Why??

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