Ewa Feix Akademie expands to new location

Ewa Feix Akademie expands to new location

Since 2013 and to date I teach Genussakademie which is a culinary school in Frankfurt. I am proud to say that my classes are one of their best sellers, which means that 99% of the time, my classes are fully booked with lovely ladies and men from all over Germany ready to bake and decorate cupcakes. The classes at the Genussakademie are designed for 18 participants and last 4 hours. I have met countless enthusiastic and talented bakers and I love sharing my knowledge with them.

At the Ewa Feix Akademie, I host up to 11 participants per course. I designed these courses to focus on decoration and more advanced skills that I can’t really transfer so easily to a class of 18 in just 4 hours. So this is where the Ewa Feix Akademie comes in to accommodate those that want to have a more focused and intensive course. I also provide a light lunch for all my course participants.

So with the Genussakademie on the one hand, and the Ewa Feix Akademie on the other, my schedule is nice and full. And excitingly, I have been able to expand to my own Das Cupcake studio. It is located just 40km outside of Frankfurt and this is where the courses take place.

My good friend and talented photographer took some snaps for me of my lovely studio so I could share them with you.

For more information about classes, dates and prices, please visit the Ewa Feix Academy course overview. I would love to have you as one of my students!

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