Green tea Frankenstein cupcakes

Cupcake box = empty. Ewa = elated. Seriously, talk about support. The people at my German course are so supportive to the point that I really want to open my business no matter what little insecurities nag the back of my mind. Even if I don’t make a profit of a single penny, it would still be worth bringing my business to life for the lovely people of Frankfurt because they have been nothing but good to me. Talk about feeling all warm and awesome inside. I’m beaming!

So let me give you the run-down of how this week’s cupcake taste testing went. It was green tea cupcakes this week. I made vanilla cupcakes, filled with a homemade coconut tapioca and frosted with a cream cheese and green tea frosting. I dusted the cupcakes with some coconut flakes and placed a tiny cube of mango atop each cupcake. Once they were ready to go, I of course, tried the final product. Eugh, is all I could say. Green tea frosting-yuck! Tapioca in the middle -weird texture! Vanilla cake itself -crumbly. Crap. What a failure. I was too ashamed to snap any pictures of gross little things.

So the clock strikes 18:45 and it’s time to present my creations of the week. I walk into my German school, totally hopeless, with my Frankenstein cupcakes in tow, totally hopeless and really debating whether I am ready to set those questionnaires down and get a verbal beating. So I suck it up and put the questionnaires down, however I can’t help but announce to my testers sitting in the foyer to beware!

With my eyes locked on the first brave souls, the first bite is taken….and…the compliments begin! Huh?? “These are really good!” “My favourite so far!” And the strangest one of all, “I’ll order 12 for this Friday.” Wow. Seriously?!

So here is how I see it. Either they were trying to be super supportive even though the cupcakes sucked or they truly liked them! Either case still points to the fact that the people I am surrounded by ROCK! How lucky am I! Positive review and/or support.

Rock on, Frankfurt, rock on.

P.S. A run-down of my London cupcake workshop will follow shortly, my cupcake lovers.

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