I don’t ask for much but I want to ask for this

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I’ll admit it, I’m not one for competitions. I don’t try hard at sports because I don’t care if I win and I always cheat at board games because winning is no fun unless you’ve snuck a few extra 50 dollar bills during monopoly.

But this time I want to win. This time, THIS Wettbewerb (competition) shouts at me to win it. As I queued up in the check-out lane at the grocery store, I casually flicked through the food mags in the magazine rack and I found an advert for this competition. It spoke to me. I knew I had entered that super market at that moment to find this ad, to enter THIS competition.

It’s run by Dr. Oetker folks. Yes, the German baking goods producer genius that is known world-wide, not just in Germany for all things baking and this competition is everything to do with baking decor. So it would be so cool to win this from Dr. Oetker himself, wouldn’t it!? Just splendid! But the thing is, is that you gotta vote. Yes vote. Not donate your blood or your money, just 2 minutes of your time. You don’t even get any junky mail in your mailbox when you vote for me!

Look, I really so badly want to win and to win I need your vote.

Just follow these simple steps.

  • Click here.
  • Then scroll to find my picture. New entries are added daily so it may be a little tricky to find me.
  • Scroll down and look for a picture of a cupcake on a light light purple background, with a light pink swirl of frosting and a big butterfly made out of chocolate that looks perched with flapping wings on a cupcake. The entry is called ‘Schoko Cupcakes.’ Currently I am located on page 14 of 26. But that will change as more entries are added. I will try to keep updating this page number as it changes.
The picture looks like this:
  • Now click on the picture on the Dr. Oetker page not on the one here.
  • Once you have clicked on the picture and it appears big size in the centre of your screen, click on “Voten”, the rectangular box under the picture.
  • Now, in this competition you have to make two more votes. So just randomly choose two more pictures. And click “Voten” just like you did with mine.
  • When you have clicked “Voten” for all three pictures, a box will come up automatically and you just fill in your first name, last name and email address and click the ‘Ja, I accept the terms and conditions” box. Then click Jetzt teilnehmen (which means ‘participate now’) and you are done!

2 Minutes of your life, I swear it.

The prize for the competition is a Fiat although I could care less if it ends up in my Parkplatz (parking spot). All I want is 15 minutes of baking fame. That’s it folks. Feel the light shine on me and my cupcakes. Have Dr. Oetker crown me and my cupcake babies, the best in the land…Ah…a girl can dream.

Now if you still don’t give a damn, let me try one last thing on ya.

So the latest news is that Mr. Cupcake and I are engaged! Yes, engaged! Eeek! On the night Mr. Cupcake was about to pop the question every but me knew. So for the big moment, my mom wanted me to look pretty and here is what happened.

So it was my last 24 hours in Canada before we flew to our next destination and it was the only day that Mr. Cupcake joined me in Canada for. So I planned to actually do something fun not just chill like beans at home…so we rented some Skidoos and drove to Turkey Point with my friend, her husband and her mom and my mom and showed Mr. Cupcake how us Canadians have fun on the lake and it was a good time..then we went out for some wings, while the two moms prepared BBQ dinner for the evening…

So when we got home after the day on the lake, my mom was like, “Ewa come on get ready for the BBQ but you have to make yourself look nice……Wash and blow dry your hair (you all know, what lake hair is like) and put on something nice.”

So I say, “Mom I don’t have anything nice and anyway it’s just a BBQ at home in our back garden.”
Mom: “You do have something nice…how about that bridesmaid dress you wore for the wedding. You look so good in it!”
Me: “No mom. Stop being weird mom. Why the heck would I wear a bridesmaid dress to a BBQ in our backyard??! Go away, I don’t care, just let me wear my shorts..”
Mom: “Come on Ewa…please wear something nice tonight…it’ll be nice…”

Me:“But Mom!! A bridesmaid dress to dinner with the family and friends, that is just bizzarre!”

And then she hit me with it. “You’ll wear the dress, IF you love your mother.”

Oh then, I was just pissed off that she’d used the “if you love your mom” card on me and I couldn’t keep arguing but had to let her win and wear the dress..I mean I do only see her ONCE a year since I moved to Germany…So fine, I put on the bridesmaid dress and went out to our backyard, totally cringing and thinking how OVERdressed I was!

Of course, the whole time everyone but me, knew that Mr. Cupcake would propose and were busy making the gazebo thingie in our backyard all nice with fairy lights and setting out homemade cocktails and fresh BBQ food on the table…

So I go out at 8pm ish and everyone is sitting under the gazebo or standing by the grill and I feel like an ass in my dress…but anyway, the BBQ was ready and we all sat at the table and we made a toast with our lovely cocktails…Everything was lit up with fairy lights and there were the flowers on the table (that Mr. Cupcake brought over for me from the wedding party in Ohio the night before! Big beautiful pink and white rose bouquet that they let him take on the plane to Canada)…I didn’t think anything of it because with my mom, fairy lights are appropriate all times of the year!!

After the toast with cocktails we all sat down and then Mr. Cupcake is standing up and says, that he would like to take the opportunity to say something…so I am sitting down,  just thinking “Oh how nice, he’ll thank my mom for a nice BBQ..” and then he sits down in front of me and says I want to say something…to Ewa…he takes my hands and starts pledging his love to me..I look around and realize my brother is taping with our camera and I am like…”Oh wow!! This is it!” So I look back at Mr. Cupcake and he is saying stuff (most of which I forgot but don’t worry it’s on tape!!)..and shaking like a leaf! and so he gets down on BOTH knees!! and says will you be my wife? Because I love you and I want you to be my wife…So he doesn’t actually let me answer but rambles on past the question and then stops…and well I can’t just say yes, when he asked THE question like 5 minutes ago?!! So I just say, “Yes, of course I will be your wife.”

Then we kiss and hug and the whole room/garden is filled with love…!! Everyone is happy and congratulating us! And it’s great! Now if you would have asked me how I imagined it, it would not have been that traditional! But I loved EVERYTHING about it!!! I loved that my brother and my mom were there and that we had someone we love tape everything since I forget everything (or as Mr. Cupcake lovingly calls me: a black hole generator)..and all the family emotions in the room afterwards…it was great! I always thought I wanted this beach proposal under the stars just me and him…but it was such a gift to my mom and everyone there, that it was sooo beautiful to share the moment with everyone!!

So now I say to you: You’ll go on Dr. Oetker and vote, IF you love me.

I debated uploading this one for competition but I decided on the other one as it has more of a close up on the frosting swirl.

Feel free to leave me a comment after you’ve voted to inform me of the great news of your vote for me!

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  1. Gareth

    we have always made Butterfly cup cakes (fairy cakes in England), but we simply removed the top of the cake, smothered liberally with butter cream, cut the removed top into two (wings) and placed strategically into the buttercream.

    So yours’ struck a chord with me (along with your begging letter on FnM). ;-p

    • dascupcake

      Hello Gareth,

      Thank you for responding to my shameless request via Frankfurt n Motion.:)

      I know exactly the Butterfly fairy cakes you mean (I lived in the UK for four years) and find them quite simply beautiful also.

  2. Nicole Dombrowski

    Hi Ewa, Michael and I voted for you. What a cute butterfly cupcake! I especially enjoyed reading your engagement story. I wish you the best with your new business and hope to sample some cupcakes when we are in Germany this summer!

    Nicole and Michael from Ohio

  3. Eng Hock

    Beautiful story…and yes I remember the times at Blue Ocean Institute and thanks for your kind assistance….

    Your cupcake is outstanding…You have my vote.

    All the best.

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