I passed!

No sad blog post today! The exam was a success! All the long nights of studying and days of attending German classes paid off. It was fantastic! So fantastic that I can hardly believe it.

On the day, Mr. Cupcake was all nerves and jitters, meanwhile I was as cool as a cupcake cucumber. I was ready. I felt ready for the exam and for the outcome. I was done agonizing over uninspiring Konditor* books and just needed an answer. There was so little information and guidance given leading up to the exam, that I was just purely curious as to what was even going to happen. I was so very tired of guessing, second-guessing and most of all studying on the Strassenbahn (tram), at my desk, in bed and even in my sleep. (Yes, I listened to recordings of my study materials being read aloud in German by Mr. Cupcake’s mom as I slept!) I even had a mantra. Yes, a mantra. I went to town on this exam prep! Even hit up crazy town.

The exam had two parts. An extremely difficult written theoretical part which I had studied for four months and a practical exam which included baking cupcakes. I had rehearsed my baking procedure for the four weeks leading up to the exam. I had the procedure down to a tee and made sure to follow all the hygiene rules.

During the exam there were a few hiccups i.e. plugging in the mixer AFTER I had turned it on (luckily the speed wasn’t too high) and bringing glass bowls into the kitchen. Who knew? But glass is nicht erlaubt (not allowed) in a kitchen in case of breakage and shards of glass traveling into the food. Nur (only) Plastik from now on! Oder (or) steel/metal.

Here are the winning cupcakes. Raspberry Vanilla, Apple-Zucchini and Belgian Chocolate.

Here is a smokin’ hot picture of me after I passed my exam. Check out the hat. I am a part of the Handwerkskammer now. I am a true ‘Handwerker’. Cause I work with my hands. Love my cupcake-makin’ hands.

The day was a bit of a family affair with Mr. Cupcake driving me and Mr. Cupcake’s parents picking me up. I felt a bit like a 16-year-old with no license but it was all in the name of support and not having me stress about driving. I was washing the dishes and bowls when Mr. Cupcake’s parents came to pick me up. When Mr. Cupcake’s mom heard the news she rushed into my arms and gave me the biggest hug. Mr. Cupcake’s dad had the hugest grin on his face for about ten minutes as I explained how it all went. It was really a loving family moment.

Unfortunately es gibt noch eine Prüfung. (There is still one more exam.) The economics, hiring regulations and accounting exam. So back to the books but I promise not to stay away so long this time.:) I promise to get back to my blog and live happily ever after baking and selling cupcakes in Frankfurt.

*a Konditor is the German name given to a person who bakes professionally

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  1. Marianna Pool (Marianna46)

    Congrats, congrats, and more congrats! i’m just retiring from the world of academia to become a full-time cake decorator (well, let’s say 75% cakes and 25% linguistics, ’cause it’ll never leave you totally alone), so I just wanted to say I know what you’re talking about having to take exams in a language that’s not your own (I did my PhD here in Mexico, where I’ve lived ever since I got out of college). I’m SO proud of you, dear!!! If I ever get to Frankfurt, your place will be my first stop!

  2. She Whisks

    Congratulations!! I am sooo happy for you! You must be so glad that all that hard work and mental stress has paid off. I still can’t get my head around the fact that you set a full-on exam in german! You’re amazing! Cupcakes looks gorgeous, definately winning material! Well done once again!

  3. Sonja Crockford

    Congratulations! Your dedication is sooo apparent with all the effort you have put into this. The cupcake world is truly your oyster, Ewa!

  4. Holly

    Ewa, this is amazing! Sooo happy for you! I’m proud of you, fellow Canadian, for making your mark in this foreign land. You are a true inspiration. Can’t wait to buy some of your cupcakes =) Celebrate your success.

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