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As I wander around in the cupcake world, gawking at amazing one-of kind creations, constantly inspired by cupcake artists from around the world, I find that I have a wonderful and passionate hunger to learn more. Since I am not professionally trained in a fine culinary school, I seek resources on my own. From little hints off blogs, to amazon book reviews, to flickr photos and step-by step YouTube tutorials.

After my cupcake course at Fair Cake in London, I realize how important it is to get hands on advice and coaching. A lot of the intimidation I felt in using fondant and flower cutters vanished after I completed two wonderful cupcake classes with Shikhita Singh. The bad thing is, is that there are barely any classes in Germany like this. For cupcakes, a grand total of none and for cakes, well there are some but they are old-fashioned in their techniques. Luckily the UK is not far away and there are plenty of talented people, like Shikhita offering classes.
Also luckily, in Canada there are also plenty of opportunities to take classes alongside the professionals. So as of now, I am already bookmarking my way and inquiring about private lessons I could sign up for while I am there. One place that has been strongly recommended is the Bonnie Gordon School in Toronto. They have an excellent reputation for talented teachers and hopefully I can get a some one-on-one lessons from one of the instructors perfectly tailored to all the new things I want to learn. Also highly recommended are lessons at Golda’s Kitchen. Here there are courses, a bit like the Wilton style ones where you learn all about sugarcraft. Hopefully I can participate in two classes and have one private lesson while I am in Canada over the Christmas holidays.

Also on my Christmas list are books! For all those people stumped about what to get me for Christmas, I am preparing a nice long list of cake design books. So books that have already made the lists are:

  • What’s New Cupcake: Ingeniously Simple Designs for Every Occasion
  • Professional Cake Decorating by Toba M. Garrett
  • Wedding Cake Art and Design by Toba M. Garrett

Everything from piping techniques to sugar flower creation; I want to learn it all. Flower cutters, edible lustre dust and flower veiners are just the tip of the iceberg for me! I want to turn cupcakes into things of art, not just those muffin-like things that sit next to the brownies. That is my mission.

Here are some cupcake creations I have been working on:

Woo hoo! I made these babies again and took some pictures with better light!
Here I am working with melted chocolate. I created Chinese characters. The word I chose was: Happiness.
Here, I am practicing covering cupcakes entirely with fondant and making fondant faces.

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  1. Nataliia

    It’s such an old post, but since I just “discovered” your blog recently, I thought I’d post anyways! 🙂
    First, I just wanted to say thank you – for the frankness and straightforwardness in sharing about your journey through this. As a foreigner here in Germany, I am also stumbling over many same issues to overcome and it is so comforting to see your progress (I’m a good year behind you!), get tips on what’s available around here or what the requirements for Germany are – and most importantly, see you come out as a winner in all this!

    On sugar/decorating – I own the Toba Garret “Professional Cake decorating” book and can highly recommend it! I purchased it when practicing for my wedding cake (of course I baked my own!) and found her step-by-step, gradual in complexity and through instructions super helpful. I got it shipped from the UK via Amazon.de. In that book she also covers a lot about modelling flowers – including those you practiced in Ontario + more. So if you want to learn a little more about those – its the right resource to buy

    • dascupcake

      Awesome! Thank you so much for your kind words and I am happy that sharing my journey has given you some insights perhaps along your own journey.:) Thank you for the great recommendation about Toba Garret’s book. There are a TON of books out there on the subject and it’s so hard to get good ones sometimes so I really appreciate the suggestion! Thank you!

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