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The good thing is that cupcakes are as much my hobby as they are my blossoming business. So I can always justify splurging a little bit more than you normally would on your hobby, because it’s important, you know, for the BUSINESS. And well it’s also ok to spend a bit more on your business because it’s for a dual purpose, it’s also your hobby.
So let’s just say this was my logic as I added item after item into my online cart this weekend. Tee hee. One for me, one for the business. Two for me, one for the business.
My Spanish Importer Extraordinaire shall bring the goods from the island to the mainland in the next week and I shall be ready to impress with my new cupcake fashions.

And while shopping for cupcake paraphernalia, I made a discovery which I want to share with you all. Silicone is back in, baby. Silicone moulds are all the rage. Easy to use, multi-purpose and re-usable, of course. I’ll introduce you to the world of silicone just as soon as I get my hands on my new goodies next week!

Also this last week, I was honoured by a fellow blogger with the ‘Lovely Blog Award’ The lovely, She Whisks, from Whisk Whisk Whisk shared the love and gave this award to me.

And now I get to pass on the torch to 15 blogs that I love to stalk. So here are my faves:

Spain in a Cupcake (currently running a Christmas give-away!! Check it out!)
The Cupcake Blog
A Piece of Art Everyday
Cupcakes Take the Cake
Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
Pioneer Woman
Whisk Kid
17 and Baking
Cupcake Project
i am baker
Bake at 350

Take a little break from work and enjoy!

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