New in Germany-Cupcake mix in a box! A review.

Ok, so it’s official, cupcakes are touching the hearts of the Germans. They have expanded their reach to all corners of the world, from North American to the UK, from the UK to Australia and New Zealand and I think they are about to find a cosey place in the Germany.

Here we have Exhibit A:

Himbeer-Vanille (Raspberry-Vanilla) Cupcakes from RUF. Still need to work on that spelling. No hyphen, guys.

These guys here stood all by their lonesome next to all the Dr. Oetker instant pound cake mixes so I just had to bring one home with me. So only one lone flavour available on the shelves at the moment, but it’s a start! And at €2.49 a pop, not bad. So here is how things went down.

Unlike the packages in Canada, this package comes with everything you need for the cupcakes, ohne (without) the fresh ingredients that is. It comes with the cake mix, the flavour mix for the frosting, white chocolate shavings for garnish and even cute pink cupcake cases.

Once you add the egg and oil, you whip everything together for two minutes and then the Teig (batter) is ready for the oven. With a bake time of 25 minutes, you have time to prepare the frosting.

You mix the raspberry flavoured powder with cream cheese and again within two minutes it is ready to use. As we already know, Germans are scared of the unhealthy stuff, so the frosting is at a minimum. Just look at how little frosting there is! Maybe a cup for all the 12 cupcakes! I later in fact discovered the reason behind scant amounts of frosting on these cupcakes. Approximately 48 hours after the cupcakes were made, the few remaining ones that had the swirls of frosting got really soggy tops where as the ones with less were fine. Vielleicht (maybe) this has something to do with cream cheese frosting as a rule (I’m no expert), but it was gross and I threw the soggy topped cupcakes away.

So how was this German cupcake mix? Good. Not great. The cupcakes were nice when they first came out of the oven. Fluffy and moist, but then something happened and by the following day, they were dense (like the McDonald’s ones) and quite heavy from the moisture in them. The frosting was fine, I mean again, it tasted like stuff they put on the McDonald’s cupcakes except with the tang of cream cheese as the base. The cupcakes certainly aren’t so impressive and no I would not buy them again (ugh, I hate dense cupcakes) BUT the Germans have to start somewhere. Alongside the few cupcake shops sprinkled around Germany, this is definitely a step in the right direction. I would love for cupcakes to go mainstream here so I could introduce Germans to the wonderful world of fluffy cupcakes, Canadian style.

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