Cupcake Revelations

Last Saturday Das Cupcake had a photoshoot and it was awesome. Actually last week was all around awesome for Das Cupcake. On Monday, I had my final exam and passed! So now I am officially official..

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The Creative Soul of a Cupcake Bakestress

I recently returned to corporate world as a great opportunity showed up on my doorstep and it is only part-time and temporary. It lets me flex the skills I already have (corporate world related) to..

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Girly Spring Cupcakes

The weather in Frankfurt continues to be splendid and I am continuely inspired by all the blossoming flowers so today I made some girly spring cupcakes for a friend. I hope she enjoyed them!


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Spring Cupcakes in Frankfurt

Spring has arrived in Frankfurt. The cherry blossom trees are fragrant and in full bloom, the sun is shining giving your skin an early April glow, the banks of the Main River are packed full..

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Flour in Germany, Type 405. What the hell?

So you walk into a German grocery store and you’re thinking, I’m gonna bake me a sexy cake, just like the ones I had in Canada. You have the recipe in hand and you stride confidently into the..

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I passed!

No sad blog post today! The exam was a success! All the long nights of studying and days of attending German classes paid off. It was fantastic! So fantastic that I can hardly believe it.

On the..

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The Cat is Out of the Bag

I have been keeping my distance a little lately. It’s time to let you know why. So when I first started writing this blog I wanted to just keep a running record of my cupcake journey, keep things..

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