Kurs “Cupcake Foundations”

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This class is divided into a baking portion, a decoration portion and a piping portion. Ewa Feix will also be there to answer all your questions and share her tips and tricksthroughout the course when it comes to baking and sugar crafting. This is a great baking focused class where you get to bake cupcakes from scratch and make buttercream from scratch.

Under the tuition of Ewa Feix you will learn:
– An easy cupcake recipe that works every time
– A buttercream recipe that is the perfect complement to the cupcakes (and not too sweet)
– How to make decorations using fondant and professional cutters
– How to make the perfect swirl using professional piping tips
– How to work with fondant to make little edible flowers

So please bring an apron, a notebook and pen and you are welcome to take pictures throughout the class so you can bring your camera as well. No video is allowed.

You will be provided with a box for your completed cupcakes but you can always bring a bag for easier transport back.

This class is 3 hours and runs from 10:30-13:30.

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