Rotwein Festival

Just in a few weeks ago, Das Cupcake had a booth at a Rotwein Festival. It was on a glorious Sunday, one of the last, hot sunshine-y days here in Hessen. It started out as a damn cold Sunday morning, getting up at ridiculous o-clock but quickly the bright sun came out and we were in business.

Here was what we started with on that cold morning.

And here was the final product.

A little cheap and cheesy, I know, the blue and white beer tent stripes don’t do much for the pretty cupcakes but alas it was 35€ at METRO! Bargain, I say! Brown and orange were the autumn-esk colour palette I chose.

Mr. Cupcake AND his mom joined in the on the festival fun and volunteered to spend the day with me selling cupcakes. It was amazing. Mr. Cupcake was rockin’ and rollin’ and charming every old lady passing by. He sold like a madmen and I was totally jealous of his sales skills.

The streets were packed with people on such a blissful day and we sold out by the end.

A bigggg thank you goes to the lovely and talented Ms. Nicole who was a fabulous event organizer and stayed cool and collected under the pressure of such a big event and so kindly thought of bringing Das Cupcake along for the day.

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