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Cupcake Decorating Basics Classes in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt by popular DEMAND!!


Cupcake Decorating Basics!!


If you already know how to bake cupcakes and have always wanted to make them look as beautiful as those made by

The Creative Soul of a Cupcake Bakestress

I recently returned to corporate world as a great opportunity showed up on my doorstep and it is only part-time and temporary. It lets me flex the skills I already have (corporate

Flour in Germany, Type 405. What the hell?

So you walk into a German grocery store and you’re thinking, I’m gonna bake me a sexy cake, just like the ones I had in Canada. You have the recipe in hand and you stride

Cupcakes for Munich and in Munich

This weekend Mr. Cupcake and I drove down to Munich to celebrate a friend’s birthday and as part of the gift, I also brought along a foursome of cupcakes for the birthday girl. I

Edible Butterflies ─Mmmm, tasty.

My friend asked me to bake these only one night in advance, so I did my best. My friend requested some cupcakes for his wife, whose birthday it was, to bring them in for her