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The Das Cupcake Studio is Open for Classes

The Das Cupcake Studio is Open for Classes

So when I first opened the Ewa Feix Akademie back in 2013, I would run my courses at an external location. And by external location, I mean a dentist’s office, not an actual

The Ewa Feix Akademie is now Open!

The Ewa Feix Akademie is now Open!

Ok, so this year I want to bring the world of cupcake decorating to Frankfurt, Germany. That means cupcake classes in Frankfurt and international cake teachers in Frankfurt. Yes,

Cupcake Decorating Basics Classes in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt by popular DEMAND!!


Cupcake Decorating Basics!!


If you already know how to bake cupcakes and have always wanted to make them look as beautiful as those made by

Cupcake Revelations

Last Saturday Das Cupcake had a photoshoot and it was awesome. Actually last week was all around awesome for Das Cupcake. On Monday, I had my final exam and passed! So now I am

Christmas Cupcakes and Snowflake Tutorial

Are you starting to feel Christmasy yet?? What better way to celebrate than with cupcakes!

I recently received an early Christmas gift, one which I bought for myself..well, it

Completely pooped ─what a day, what a day.

Wow. I look around at the aftermath of getting ready this morning and it’s a complete hazard zone. A cupcake calamity. From butter, sugar and frosting on every countertop and

Das Cupcake Debuts in Frankfurt

Every debut is preceded by a lot of hard work and naturally this was no exception. The plan of action was to make 200 cupcakes, 100 vanilla and 100 chocolate for June 26th at the