The Cat is Out of the Bag

I have been keeping my distance a little lately. It’s time to let you know why. So when I first started writing this blog I wanted to just keep a running record of my cupcake journey, keep things real and really be able to reflect on my cupcake business as it got up and running.

Then I realized that people actually read my blog.

Which in fact is cool, but by the same token it’s easy to get wrapped up in how many hits your blog got in a day, how many comments got posted and how many blog posts you’ve posted in comparison to other blogs. Then, if you’re like me, after talking to your boyfriend and other people you begin to think that it’s not really ‘safe’ to post so much information and that ‘anyone’ has access to your information so you start censoring what you write and what you don’t write and then you’re blog becomes stupidly superficial and lame.

So it’s time to get real. I have been a bit MIA for two reasons:

The first: thinking about what seemingly creative blog posts I could post that would cut it as fodder for my blog.

The second:

a) I am actually preparing for an extremely important cupcake exam and I am too scared to blog about it just in the (quite possible) event that I fail and I have to write a shameful blog post about it when people ask how to big day went.

b) Most of my creative writing abilities have been sucked away by anxious thoughts leading up to the exam date.

The exam is unfortunately in German so I am trying to get my shit together in German which is seriously damn hard. In addition, I have been practising my baking as more of an efficient system rather than as my favourite artform, hence the suckiness of my blog. I have tons of positive energy and real support from my ever-faithful Trusty Apprentice and Mr. Cupcake’s family, helping me to rehearse my material so I can get a grip. I’m nervous as hell, but gonna give it my best shot as the exam date looms close.

In the spirit of sending out some positive vibes into the universe, here are some cupcakes I made for a friend’s birthday. He likes the classic Smiley and works at Deutsche Bank, hence the blue and white logo. Thanks Alma for all your help with the ridiculous number of fondant Deutsche Bank logos.

Now you know it all.

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