Visiting the Dr. Oetker Kitchen Studio

As my prize in the Dr. Oetker Dekorideen Wettbewerb (competition), I was lucky enough to be invited to bake at the Dr. Oetker Studio in Bielefeld in one of their courses. I had an all-expenses paid trip and was able to bring three people with me. So I chose Mr. Cupcake and the Cupcakes-In-Law, Mr. Cupcake’s wonderful mom and dad.

I was welcomed by Marjana, one the people involved in organizing the competition and her passion for her work and positive energy was really lovely to see and to be around. It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet her. She took care of everything from the first call to the expenses list and I really appreciated all of her hard work in making my visit a great one and of course the bag of awesome Dr. Oetker goodies was an awesome surprise!

So the task for the day for us four and the 10 other people on the course was to bake!! We all received a recipe each and had to make it from scratch using all the ingredients laid out at our stations. So that means, yes you did the math right, 14 sweet goodies to trial at the end!

In pulling recipes, out of a bucket, Mr. Cupcake got a wonderfully yummy recipe for Sweet Hot Dogs. With some angst at the beginning and unsure of his moves in a kitchen, surrounded by flour and sugar, he gained more and more confidence by the minute and the results showed! Yummy sweet soft dough buns, filled with custard cream, chocolate cigars and kiwi and grapes as décor.

I, on the other hand, pulled out a cake recipe. A departure from my cupcake-making days and a healthy challenge. The recipe produced a very delicious simple vanilla cake with a focus on working with marzipan and molding the cake into a ladybug. Here is my finished product.

Vanilla sponge cake topped with a whipped cream with little chocolate shavings folded into the cream.

Here is Mother-Cupcake-In-Law using the glittery gels a.k.a. Glitter Pens from Dr. Oetker.

Here is the finished product of Father-Cupcake-In-Law.

Mr. Cupcake was actually one of the first people on the course to finish his recipe so he was delegated a second, this time savoury recipe to prepare. A tomatoe and red pepper soup, filled with feta and roasted pinenuts…, good! With a side of puff pastry savoury sticks covered in bacon bits finished by the assistants at the course. Sorry no pictures of these as these were gobbled up pretty darn fast!!

Here are all the wonderful baked goods. I have a nicely soup-lined belly at this point and am ready to dive in!

Click on the picture if you would like to see a bigger version.

They were all very excellent and so fresh. We were allowed to take as many of the leftovers of each as we wanted. So we took a lot!

After four hours of baking, we took the train home to Frankfurt. Loaded up with Dr. Oetker goodies and freshly baked desserts!

It was a rockin’ course and I would highly recommend the trip. Here is a link for more information on their course schedule. They are always updating their course selection and so there is always something new to learn!

Thank you once again for all your votes, you guys. The support was overwhelming and the prize was very much enjoyed by all!

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